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Can Indian Mobile Brands turn over a new leaf?

A few years ago, the smartphone market in India had a different complexion from the one now, with the likes

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Why the new Galaxy Note 10 is at a crossroads?

Earlier this week, Samsung unveiled the new generation of Galaxy Notes: the Galaxy Note 10, Note 10+, a 5G model

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The US-China Trade War, and India’s Tryst With Destiny

The ongoing US-China trade war represents a seminal moment in trade history with significant promise for a clear realignment of

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The Libra Cryptocurrency and Facebook 3.0

The world truly needs a reliable digital currency and infrastructure that together can deliver on the promise of “the internet

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The Apple Conundrum: From ‘Moonshots’ to ‘Me-Too’?

As a company that has been globally recognized for its excellence in innovation and product engineering, Apple has had a

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Prabhu Ram

I am with CyberMedia Research (‘CMR’), a technology market advisory firm from Asia. I advise industry participants on the dynamic technology market in India and other Asian geographies through proprietary and custom technology research, cutting across technology domains.

I regularly undertake both supply and demand side research projects for the technology industry, providing insights and advice from technology, market, competitive intelligence and/or go-to-market perspectives. On an average, 80-85% of my time is spent on advising our technology clients on current market trends and developments, and around 10% with technology vendors listening to them, and sharing my perspective and feedback, and around 5% with other ecosystem stakeholders, including VCs and Startups, interested in our technology coverage.

I have over 16 years of broad ranging executive experience at consulting and research companies, across Western Europe, primarily, Switzerland, France and Germany, and more recently in India.

I am on the awards jury panel at the prestigious 22nd TelecomAsia Awards 2019, and the Telecoms World Middle East Awards 2019. 

While this blog focuses on technology topics, it is strictly personal. It does not represent official CMR opinion, nor is it intended to represent the substantive analysis and peer-reviewed positions that would characterize my professional analysis work. You can find my CMR viewpoints here.

I cover tech over at Twitter, and, here’s my Linkedin.


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